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5 Best Apps for Kids aged up to 5- Educational apps 2021

Today is the era of technology. There are many best apps for kids, adults, men, women, businessmen, designers, and freelancers. However, which are the best apps for kids aged up to 5? 

There are many best educational apps for kids to boost their learning capabilities. Today, when there is a Covid-19 Pandemic situation it is difficult for parents and children to do some outdoor activity. To overcome it, we are going to list the 5 best apps for kids so they can enjoy and learn at the same time. 

  • Khan Academy Kids
  • MentalUP
  • Math Kids
  • Montessori Preschool
  • Lingokids

These are some of the best apps for kids out of many available on Google Play Store. I am going to explore all these apps for you today. 

Best Apps for Kids- Free Learning Apps:

Mobile apps are playing a great role in everyone’s life today. The new generation of kids is well aware of technology and know-how to operate basic mobile functions even at the age of 2. They know how to open a camera and take pictures, which app to open, and so on.

Best apps for Kids- Free Educational Learning Apps
Best apps for Kids- Free Educational Learning Apps

So, It is important here that kids should watch educational content instead of doing things they are not well aware of. There are millions of apps today on the Google play store, which can help your kids learn and play simultaneously. So, they will use their productivity and creativity in doing something useful. 

Now, let’s discuss the 5 best apps for kids that can be awesome for your kids. 

Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy Kids is the first on my list of the best apps for kids. There are thousands of fun activities that will help you learning Math, Reading, Spelling, and many other things.

Khan Academy App- Best apps for kids
Khan Academy App

Some of the key features of the app are the following:

  • The app is designed by early childhood industry experts to guide kids in their learning journey.
  • Key skills focused in the app are Math, Reading, Phonics, Writing, Social-emotional development, and many others.
  • There are thousands of lessons, games, activities, and books that are specially designed for kids.
  • You will find catchy songs and yoga videos so your kids will learn and fun moving and dancing out.
  • The app is perfect for learning at home or in school.
  • There are two ways to select a learning path. Either parents can choose lessons for their kids or you can also use a personalized learning path that will automatically adjust to each child’s level.
  • There are also teacher tools that allow them to check students’ progress, find lessons, making assignments.
  • It is a completely free app with no ads.


MentalUP is the next app on our list of best apps for kids. It is also an educational app that includes games for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and more. Let’s check out all the features it has:

MentalUP- best apps for kids
  • It is a completely free educational app with no ads.
  • The app has educational learning games that allow children to play and learn at one time.
  • A perfect way to develop kids’ intelligence with brain teaser games.
  • The app is designed for Kids, Toddlers, Kindergartners, and Preschoolers.
  • The app is designed by academicians and scientists who help kids boost their brainpower with brain puzzle games.
  • There are 100+ brain exercises to improve your kid’s intelligence level.
  • It is helping children to improve attention.
  • Helping in improving memory and learning ability.
  • Help in developing problem-solving skills.
  • You will also have a performance report to track your child’s development progress.
  • It is the world’s first app that has both fitness and brain exercise within the same app.
  • About 5M+ downloads only on Google Play Store.

Math Kids

Math Kids is the third app on our best apps for kids list. From the name, we can guess that this app is all about mathematics. Here are the features of the app:

Math Kids- Best apps for kids
Math Kids
  • It is a completely free app for preschoolers to learn addition, subtraction, counting, and math.
  • Kids always want to engage themselves in something. Share this educational app on a daily basis so they can learn easily and quickly.
  • The app is designed for kids to teach them counting and mathematics.
  • There are also many mini-games that are designed for toddlers and Pre-K kids.
  • Math is all about practice. The more the kids use and play the app the more they learn better.
  • It will help kids to solve addition and subtraction puzzle games within the app.
  • There are also quizzes and fun puzzles so kids can learn better.
  • It is a perfect introduction to the basics of counting, addition, and subtraction.  
  • About 10M+ people are already using it on their Android smartphones.

Montessori Preschool:

Montessori Preschool is the next on our list of best apps for kids. We can get an idea from its name that it is one of the most detailed kids apps on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the features of this app:

Montessori Preschool- best apps for kids
Montessori Preschool
  • It is a most comprehensive Preschool app. It covers everything from ABC to reading, writing, and much more.
  • It includes a British voice which means that your kids will grow and learn British accents along with other skills.
  • The app covers phonics, numbers, colors, coloring, rhymes, shapes, and even coding. 
  • The app is designed by certified Montessori teachers. 
  • The app is perfect for ages 3 to 7.
  • The app also offers pre-coding and reasoning games.
  • You will also learn Math which includes count, recognize numbers, and etc.
  • The app also has lessons about colors, drawing, shapes, etc. to improve the art and creativity of kids.
  • You can also learn few Chinese words with this app.
  • The app always has regular and updated content.
  • The app also has subscriptions which means that everything is not free.


Lingokids is the last app on our list of best apps for kids. It is more about English language learning-related app for kids. Following are some of the features of the app:

Lingokids- best apps for kids
  • It is the best app for kids to teach them English.
  • Best for ages 2 to 8.
  • Kids can learn English in a fun and playful way.
  • The app includes games that will help kids to learn and understand English much quickly and easily.
  • The app is designed by early childhood learning experts.
  • The app is certified by Oxford University Press.
  • It covers various topics including Numbers, Alphabet, Colors, Shapes, Animals, Food, and etc up to 72 topics in total.
  • The app always has new activities each month.
  • There is a Parent mode that is used to manage subscriptions, kids’ activities, checking progress, etc.
  • You can also download activities and access them offline.
  • The app also has printable study material.
  • About 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

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