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Bamboo Cloud Lifetime Deal Review 2021-22- Make Your Own Netflix

Bamboo Cloud, Brightcove, and CloudApp are the top three Vimeo alternative video hosting Softwares. You often find difficulty in video marketing, especially if you are totally new in a field. You may feel overwhelmed at times when you don’t have enough budget to upgrade your business. 

It is understood that without enough money, you won’t be able to build a fast-loading website with such ease. People with more power and energy became useless because of zero incentives. 

Do you want to launch an online video site or stream your own online video channels? Don’t I tell you the free and easy video hosting and publishing platform that is an alternative to Vimeo? Here I present the Bamboo Cloud platform for video publishing, podcasts, and live streams. You can publish content on any device quickly and efficiently in the Bamboo Cloud. 

Bamboo Cloud: 

It’s important for you to go through with the advantages and pros that it is providing. So, Bamboo Cloud benefited you with the tools you need to publish your content. If you say Bamboo Cloud is the best Vimeo alternative, it’s not wrong. It is also the best alternative to Diecast and Kaltura. 

Bamboo Cloud can sell online courses, combining online video streaming and video sharing. If you want to avail yourself of the opportunity of having Bamboo Cloud for a  lifetime, it will cost only $69. On the contrary, If you are a social media content creator and want an ultimate solution, then try out Ocoya– an alternative tool to Jarvis Al, Canva, and Hootsuite. 

How Bamboo Cloud Works?

When you first log in to the Bamboo Cloud, an alternative to Vimeo alternative, you’ll be able to quickly upload video straight from your desktop, URL, or youtube. If you have content, you are able to personalize your media player, customize colors, upload images on the logo, and even on a watermark. 

You can create a variety of players to support your needs. If you have got content you are looking to host on your site; you are also probably trying to figure out how you can monetize. It’s Bamboo Cloud!!! You can choose the pre-roll video that runs before your content to upload special offers or ads. 

Last but not least, you have the option to customize your entire site just the way you want. You can choose from a huge selection of features. So, grab this opportunity of Bamboo Cloud before it ends, as it is 100% your brand. 

Features of Bamboo Cloud:

Video Player’s Customization:

Bamboo Cloud advantages you with the customization of each and every aspect of video hostings and transmissions. You can customize the colors, add a watermark, import logos of your brands, or you can also play pre-roll ads. 

Such features force you to think that Bamboo Cloud is the best Vimeo alternative. Within no time, you can make various video transmission services and steam your own online video channels for the clients.

Account Analytics:

Apart from the advantages offered by Bamboo Cloud, like making your own Netflix, selling online courses, it also provides some other benefits. One of these is, the members can share their content on any website they desire. The party can set their own schedule to embed a video or to cast a channel. 

The site owners can easily grab the code and control the players on their websites. The account dashboard is easily accessible by platforms, location of demographics, and watch duration. Wondering?? Yes, that Bamboo Cloud has certain other features as well. 

Enjoy Your Own Video Content:

What if there are no ads appearing on your videos? Awesome!!! Isn’t it? I think it’s the best feature of Bamboo Cloud, which is a Vimeo alternative. You don’t need to manage unuseful suggestions on the screen as well. 

By using the drag and drop interface feature, you can organize any video from any part of the world. Also, you can pursue your own channels just like TV and make your own Netflix. These are special discounts only for the viewers of the channels. 

Create A Customized Video:

Bamboo Cloud helps to grow your online business in many ways. It can offer you to create an excellent customized video that is exactly suitable for your brand. Within a few minutes, you can easily make videos of your choices. Within no time, you can share your content with the viewers.

So, you can promote your message in a trice; an amazing feature is present in the Bamboo Cloud. First, make your video, organize it into different categories, and choose fascinating graphics, and thus the site will be all set.

Pros & Cons of Bamboo Cloud:

You can switch videos haplesslyFor the URL documentation, you need to communicate support
Drag and drop features in TV schedulerYou may face a few bugs in UI
Other smooth configuration optionsIt can brace lags at the bit
AWS CDN possess a playout engineThe documentation may be limited
Media or channels have M3U8 links


The Bamboo Cloud is the premier Vimeo alternative and presents four plans to the customers: free, basic, pro, and enterprise. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Free PlanBasic PlanPro PlanEnterprise Plan
The storage capacity is 50GBThe storage capacity is 50GBIt has the best valueIt has unlimited storage
It is free foreverLive streaming is 1 hour per week with 720p qualityIt has unlimited storageThe live streaming include DRM, integration of storage and CDN
It lacks live streaming and a dedicated siteIt lacks a dedicated siteLive streaming is 5 hours per week with 1080p qualityThe dedicated sire is SSO, OTT, and Mobile Apps
It cost $50/monthDedicated site is Dynamic pages, Moodle, 3rd party plugins, and WordPress
It cost $100/month

Bamboo Cloud Lifetime Deal Review And License Tiers: presents new deals with Bamboo Cloud as the site is a pack of first-rate products. It is the number one digital marketplace for entrepreneurs. It’s very difficult nowadays to search for the best video marketing site. It’s also a time-consuming process for media companies to find enough money for content creation and video hosting. 

You don’t need to worry as you have an alternative to Vimeo that is Bamboo Cloud. You can utilize its benefits without spending enough money and can get your desired videos. The deals on app sumo are easily sold out within a week. Avail this opportunity of Bamboo Cloud lifetime deal now and get facilitated.

App sumo Deals Terms: 

Such an amazing Vimeo alternative. The Bamboo cloud deals facilitate you with the following:

  • It provides you a lifetime access
  • It possesses all Bamboo Pro Plans of nearby future
  • It offers you a 60 days money-back guarantee
  • It supplies unlimited bandwidth and unlimited streaming
  • You can easily stream and embed your content to any part of the world
  • You can add your own brands and logos
  • It can carry multiple players
  • It benefited you with a dedicated site with dynamic registration
  • It has storage of 75GB
  • It facilitates new users with a $10 discount
  • There will be no ads in the content
  • You can run your own channels
  • You can promote your messages by adding your own pre-roll video
  • It provides you with diverse options in the gallery
  • It has 2 users
  • You can easily choose the right plan for you as there are no codes
  • Switch on your license within 60 days
License Tier 1License Tier 2License Tier 3 License Tier 4 License Tier 5
Storage of 75 GBStorage of 200 GBStorage of 400 GBStorage of 750 GBStorage of 1.5 TB
2 Users5 Users 10 Users20 UsersUnlimited Users
All other features and Bamboo ads includedAll other features and Bamboo ads includedAll other features and Bamboo ads includedAll other features and Bamboo ads includedAll other features and Bamboo ads included

Final Verdict:

So, Bamboo Cloud is the finest Vimeo alternative video marketing site and aids you in many ways. The site is secure and reliable for the owners to run a small strapping business. It can stream your concerts, plays and can launch your own shows to any part of the world. 

To organize your own strategies is not an easy nut to crack. The Bamboo Cloud makes life easy as it can launch an online affair in a few hours. It can compile all your content in one place to reduce uncertainty. 

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