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Create Converting Sales Funnels with WPFunnels in 2022

WPFunnels allows you to build high-converting sales funnels on WordPress. It can be used by anyone no matter how much experience they have. For WordPress, this tool is the preliminary drag and drop funnel builder.

With WPFunnels, you can create effective sales funnels, whether you are presenting courses or subscriptions, vending e-books or products, or generating leads. With just a click, you can import several niches belonging to sales funnel templates. So, you can start this opportunity of having sales funnels without any wastage of time.

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What Is A Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is a term used to describe the journey of potential customers on the way to purchase. If someone wants to be your customer, he/she should take a few steps towards that, as the sales funnel itself is the step.

The steps are usually known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. It’s also possible that your funnel, including any marketing channel, might be spread over multiple channels.

Your sales funnel could exist as

  • Retail store
  • Sales team
  • Email
  • Websites
  • Personal consultation

What Are Sales Funnel Stages?

There are 6 sales funnel stages that describe the mindset of potential customers. Let’s discuss!

  • Awareness: It prospects leads
  • Discovery: It qualifies leads
  • Evaluation: Make an offer
  • Intent: Negotiate
  • Purchase: Convert
  • Loyalty: Deliver and Evangelize

Each step demonstrates the intent to purchase and certify the prospects. It will take more time and energy when the lead drops deep in the funnel. It depends on your product or service, how much time is required to spend on each step.

You just need to focus on different parts of the funnel. You may have adjusted your funnel according to the economic level either more or less.

For example, if you are not spending enough time on leads, then you may have to spend more time in the awareness stage. You can make sure you are spending time by recognizing and developing each stage of the funnel.

Why Do We Need To Set up Sales Funnels?

You must understand the concept of sales funnels as it’s an effective model for anticipating the overall journey of the customer. It provides an advantageous structure by which you can scrutinize your business. You can also find certain areas for more improvement.

Understanding sales funnels aids you in finding the holes from which the prospects cease and never convert. By taking full knowledge of the concept, you will come to know what’s going on in potential customers’ heads.

Working of WPFunnels:

WPFunnels makes creating your sales funnel super easy with its drag and drop canvas. So, you can control your customer’s journey visually, from great ready-made templates to building funnels from scratch. This funnel builder allows you to move through your sales and checkout flows and understand at a single glance.

Build Converting Sales Funnels with WPFunnels Lifetime Deal in 2022

Everything is customized with WordPress and because the WPFunnels team cares about making everything super-duper easy for you to use. They have made their software compatible with the page builders you are already using.

You can optimize your WordPress sales funnels with smart one-time offers and conditional formatting steps to boost your average order value even higher. You can also format the customer journey to fit exactly and also even see your daily revenue breakdowns on a stage-by-stage basis.

Features Of WPFunnels:

WPFunnels provides you with multiple high-converting sales funnels. Some of its top features are discussed below!

Drag And Drop Canvas:

WPFunnels provide the advantage of drag and drop canvas so that funnels can be made with ease. You can plan and organize your funnel steps without any trouble by using a drag and drop funnel builder.

You will have full control over funnel planning like you can add or drag your desired steps or even organize them. With the drag and drop feature, you can map your funnels and kick-start the whole process in minutes.

Pre-made Sales Funnel Templates:

From certain niche-specific funnel templates, you can choose your funnels that have high funnel optimization properties. You can get pre-made sales funnel templates with just a click and so start selling immediately.

Page Builder Integration:

You can use your favorite page builder to design every step of the funnel. For every funnel step, the plugin provides absolute Gutenberg blocks and Elementor widgets so that you can customize the pages of funnels with full authority.

Order Bump Offers At The Checkout:

You can increase the sales revenue by adding an alluring order bump bid during the checkout. You will have an opportunity to design your order bumps and put them on any portion of the checkout page.


You can easily apply sales funnels to your WooCommerce products by integration and so, for WooCommerce, you can use global funnels like you can manage conditional offers based on deal-making conditions such as category, tag, etc.

One-time, Upsell And Downsell Offers:

After the checkout, you can generate one-time, upsell and downsell offers that attract the customers, and so they purchase more products.

Lead Generation Funnels:

You can easily run lead generation campaigns by integrating them with popular forms. It offers or promotes freebies, webinars, or provides information to enable them into sales funnels.

Software Best Suited For:

This Sales funnel software is best for

  • WooCommerce users
  • Revenue-boosting funnels
  • Online coaches
  • Subscription sites


  • ClickFunnels
  • CartFlows


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easily integrates with any page builder
  • Functional funnel with any builder
  • Great funnel plugin and upstanding support
  • Useful to automate upsells
  • Best UX
  • More integrations and step options
  • Multiple checkouts in the same funnel
  • Powerful canvas mode
  • Cart flow beater
  • Best product with bugs


  • Sometimes, the first funnel doesn’t appear on the dashboard.
  • The payment processor keeps on saying ‘cart timed out.


WPFunnels comes up with these pricing plans. Let’s discuss!


  • $97 per year
  • It is great for solopreneurs building funnels
  • It has a license for 1 site
  • It has priority support
  • It is upgraded for 1 year
  • Stripe, Paypal, and cod support


  • $147 per year
  • It is great for developers and freelancers
  • It has a license for 5 sites
  • It has priority support
  • It is upgraded for 1 year
  • Stripe, Paypal, and cod support


  • $237 per year
  • It is great for agencies and developers
  • It has a license for unlimited sites
  • It has priority support
  • It is upgraded for 1 year
  • Stripe, Paypal, and cod support

WPFunnels Lifetime Deal Review:

WPFunnels become sweeter due to Appsumo’s lifetime deal. I mean it’s offering a one-time payment of just $59 for 5 sites including all the features. What else can you expect! So, purchase WPFunnels lifetime deal today without any doubt, as this lifetime deal will be gone soon.

Build Converting Sales Funnels with WPFunnels Lifetime Deal in 2022

WPFunnels lifetime deal or Appsumo deal terms facilitates you with the following:

  • Anyone can get lifetime access to WPFunnels
  • It possesses all future pro plans updates
  • It lacks codes and stacking
  • Get $10 Off on first Appsumo Purchase
  • It provides an opportunity to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • It has GDPR-compliant
  • It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • You can save the code within 60 days

License Tiers:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
5 sites15 sitesUnlimited sites
Unlimited usersUnlimited usersUnlimited users
All other features includedAll other features includedAll other features included

Wrapping Up:

WordPress provides a lot of benefits, and it is not organized to be a sales funnel. You can immediately develop and apply the funnels on WordPress with a few clicks. Now, you don’t need to worry about difficult integrations or hiring developers.  

By using drag and drop components, you can completely design sales funnels on WordPress with such ease. WPFunnels helps you in building, visualizing, configuring, and implementing customized sales funnels integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce.

WPFunnels provides a complete package in which you can sell your products and services by creating a sales funnel. The WPFunnels lifetime deal facilitates multiple benefits too. So, you should not miss out on an amazing WPFunnel lifetime deal. Get from Appsumo today!!!

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