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Get High-Converting Email Sequences With EmailWritr In 2022

Emailwritr allows you to produce an immense number of Email Sequences over 24+ industries. Email marketing sequences are one of the perfect ways to run a strapping business in today’s modern world. 

This software superbly matches your requirements if you are a freelancer, business owner, copywriter, or marketer. Now you don’t need to send unadorned fruitless emails to hire copywriters. It can spontaneously generate emails that boost open rates and increase engagements. 

Here I’m presenting an EmailWritr Lifetime Deal in which you can generate impressive emails containing numerous features. It provides you with certain attributes like more opens, more sales, and more clicks. 

The software asks you a few questions, and you have to answer them. You just have to tell the software what you want to assist, and this EmailWritr software will do everything you desire. 

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EmailWriter is a facilitative software in which you can create high converting email sequences. Within a few minutes, you can produce the best email sequences of your type for an industry or niche. 

Get High-Converting Email Sequences With EmailWritr


Anyone with even zero experience can take advantage of it, and you don’t bother to purchase expensive email swipes. You can make a better bond with your smash sales numbers and subscribers. 

Working of EmailWritr:

The process is as simple as ABC. Here are the four easy steps you can follow and get benefited by obtaining email sequences. 

Step 1: 

First, log in to your EmailWritr account and then select your desired niche or industry. You can also choose the type of email you want.

Step 2:

The EmailWritr asks a few questions about your product, and you have to answer them. 

Step 3:

Now you have to click on the option of Create Email Sequences, and the EmailWritr software creates email sequences of 5-9 days in one attempt. 

Step 4:

In the last step, you have to send those emails to your list. Now focus on your CTR, sales sour, and conversion rates. 

These steps are so simple to follow, and you will get your desired email marketing sequences. As discussed previously, you will be able to create email sequences in any kind of niche you want. Some of the examples are mentioned below. You can create;

  • E-commerce Emails
  • SAAS Emails
  • Real Estate Emails
  • B2B Emails for Agencies
  • Webinar Emails

Features of EmailWritr:

EmailWritr provides you with multiple high converting email sequences. Some of its top features are discussed below!

Cloud Hosted Services:

It provides you with cloud-hosted services as you only need to log in to your account and create the best email sequences. You don’t need to download the software on your laptops. 

Easy To Use:

You can avail of this facility even if you have zero experience in copywriting. All you have to do is to tell the EmailWritr software what you want to do. This software aids you by doing the rest process by itself. 

Immense Number Of Custom Email Sequence:

You can create unlimited email sequences within a few minutes by using the EmailWritr software. It has no limit to producing email sequences and copies. It totally depends on how much you want to create, from one to thousands. 

You can answer a few questions related to your product and so can create a custom email sequence. Now, You can edit the already saved projects!

Create All Email Types:

With EmailWritr, you’ll be able to create all email types no matter what type of plan you have. 

Done For You (DFY) Email Templates:

Get facilitated by this unique magical collection of DFY email sequences. You can successfully tweak the emails to run your business. EmailWritr benefited PRO users with more email types and Done For You (DFY) templates every month. 

Industries And Niches:

EmailWritr aids you by guiding how to write email sequences for different niches and industries. You can create multiple emails like Real Estate, eCommerce coaching, and freelancing. 

Swipe 1123+ Email Templates And Create Unlimited Scripts:

You can customize and personalize these templates by filling the empty spaces. You can also create unlimited scripts by using the tab “custom template.”

Edit Saved Projects and Export Email Sequences:

EmailWritr benefited you with the edit option as well. You can change the already written and saved email sequences from your dashboard. You can also export your saved email sequences into different formats like PDF and DOC.

Custom Written Emails and Simple Dashboard:

You can request a group of well-trained copywriters to write custom emails from a powerful dashboard. EmailWritr software can also approach your saved email sequences and personal templates.

Who Should Use EmailWritr?

This tool is best for the people mentioned below. 

Online And Local Business Owners:

Online business owners can create different emails by using EmailWritr software for their online business, i.e., if you have a business that sells services, digital or physical products online. 

EmailWritr also aids in growing the customer base and revenue for the local business owners with the help of email copy, no matter what kind of products or services they are selling. 

Copywriters, Freelancers, And Agency Owners:

EmailWritr software provides better services to copywriters and freelancers in delivering work on time. In this way, you will be able to finish more projects and make your clients satisfied and content.

Marketers And Startups:

With EmailWritr, it’s become easy to obtain outstanding email marketing results while promoting your products. It is an effective tool for startups too! This software can create multiple emails in different industries so that you can easily communicate with your subscribers. 

Best Alternatives To EmailWritr:

  • GetResponse
  • Funnel scripts
  • Jarvis
  • Mail list
  • Active Campaign
  • Salesforce Automation

Pros of EmailWritr:

  • Saves time and money
  • User friendly
  • End writer’s block
  • Grow your business effectively
  • No need to install or download software
  • Simple and convenient
  • Smart and professional templates
  • Team member access
  • Very engaged with the community
  • Structured emails
  • An easy sequence of emails
  • Unlimited single emails 


EmailWritr comes up with five pricing plans. Let’s discuss! 


  • $39 per month
  • Create 5 custom email sequences
  • Accessible for email sequence
  • Email templates possess 10 swipes
  • Support 24/7


  • $49 per month
  • Create 10 custom email sequence
  • Accessible for email sequence
  • Email templates possess 20 swipes
  • Support 24/7


  • $69 per month
  • Create an unlimited custom email sequence
  • Email templates possess 1523+ swipes
  • Support 24/7
  • Future integrations
  • Create emails of your choice
  • Construct unlimited personal scripts, niches, and emails
  • Support 3 users
  • Unlimited saved projects


  • $99 per month
  • Support 10 users
  • Edit saved projects
  • All other features included


  • $199 per month
  • Support 50 users
  • Support 30 licensed subaccounts
  • All other features included

EmailWritr Lifetime Deal Review:

EmailWritr lifetime deal or Appsumo deal terms facilitates you with the following:

  • Anyone can get lifetime access to EmailWritr
  • It possesses all future plans update
  • You can save the code within 60 days
  • It has 3 codes
  • It has GDPR compliant
  • It is best suited for new EmailWritr users
  • It offers 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Get $10 off on your first purchase on Appsumo
  • It can produce a large number of custom email sequences
  • It provides 1523+ swipe email templates
  • It can create emails for multiple industries
  • It can create any type of emails
  • It has a simple dashboard
  • It can even create your used templates
  • It provides an edit option for the saved projects
  • It can export email sequences

Get High-Converting Email Sequences With EmailWritr in 2022

With the EmailWritr lifetime deal, you can create high converting email sequences with zero copywriting experience. So grab this opportunity today! 

License Tier:

Single (Code 1)Double (Code 2):Multiple (Code 3)
$59 One-time Payment$118 One-time Payment $177 One-time Payment
3 users10 users50 users
All features of the premium planAll features of the expert planAll features of the agency plan
All above features includedEmail bankEmail bank
All above features included30 Premium Plan subaccounts to resell as a Licensed Reseller
All above features included

Wrapping Up:

EmailWritr can increase engagement and tell how to write email sequences perfectly. It helps you by providing simple tools to create email marketing campaigns with few clicks. 

EmailWritr can save your time and money, and this is the first step to growing a successful business. Now, If you have this simple tool, you won’t need to understand the process of writing emails. The software is precisely an alternative to an expensive copywriter that you hired.

It assists in creating better emails and makes your business promoted beautifully. EmailWritr lifetime deal facilitates multiple opportunities too. So, you should not miss out on an amazing EmailWritr lifetime deal. Get from Appsumo today!!!

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