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5 Best Online Whiteboard, Doodle, 2D and 3D Animated Video Maker Software 2021

Animated Videomaker software is in demand these days, and the popularity of these video animation software is increasing day by day. Every company, website, business, freelancer, and so on is looking to attract customers and leads. For this purpose, animated videos are a great way to attract more and more potential buyers and are helpful in converting them to actual buyers. 

There are many online animated video maker software that is helping businesses to grow more and more. These animated video software are very useful to create beautiful and attractive videos within minutes. So, no more hard work needs to do. You can create the following types of videos with this animated software:

  • Video Presentation 
  • Slides/ Presentation
  • Marketing Videos
  • Ad Videos
  • 3D Animated Videos
  • 2D Animated Videos
  • YouTube Intros
  • YouTube Outros
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Doodles
  • Training/ Educational Videos

And much, much more. The limit is the sky. You can create as many videos as you want with your creativity.

Today, I will share the five best online animated video maker software that can make your life easy and help you grow your business. You can make effortless Awesome looking videos and presentation slides within few minutes. The list of 5 best-animated software is the following:

  • Create Studio
  • Doodly
  • Doratoon
  • Wideo

Create Studio:

Create Studio is one of the best animated video makers when it comes to 3D explainer videos, along with 2D and doodle videos. You can create breathtaking videos for your business and even sell them to clients if you are a freelancer.

Before, you need to pay hundreds of dollars to freelancers to make just 30-60 seconds 3D animated video. It was expensive plus it required a lot of time. So, it is a loss of time as well as money. Create a Studio to solve the problem for you. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge as it is as simple as creating a Gmail account.

Create Studio- Animated Video Maker
Create Studio

Unlike some other platforms, Create Studio is not a cloud platform. After payment, you need to download the software setup and install it on your computer. You can then log in to the software and use the features you have access to. 

Following are some of the features of Create Studio:

  • You can create:
    • Promotional Videos
    • 3D Explainer Videos
    • Doodle Sketch Videos
    • Stomp Teasers
    • Character Explainer’s
    • Text Animation
    • Logo Intros & Outros
    • 2D Explainer Videos
    • YouTube MoGraphics
  • Create attractive Sales Videos for Landing Page
  • Different shapes and sizes, including square, landscape, and vertical
  • Create awesome social ads
  • Choose different types of hands for Doodle sketches
  • Dynamic Camera Movements
  • Custom Animations and motion presets
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Animated Characters
  • Motion Builder
  • SVG Compatible
  • Green Screen
  • Create Masks
  • Huge library of copyright-free images, videos, and audio
  • Text to speech 

There is much more that I can’t cover here. For further details, checkout Create Studio. There is also a lifetime $67 deal that can allow you to do more than enough. However, there are also some limitations to this deal. Like, Copyright-free audio files are not included in the $67 deal. The characters are also limited.

Create Studio $67 Lifetime Deal- Animated Video Maker
Create Studio $67 Lifetime Deal

Another animated video creator is which can help you to make awesome animated videos. You can transform your ideas into actual animated videos in any shape, language, and topic. Animated Video Maker

You can create and render unlimited videos and even have commercial rights to sell to clients, just like Create Studio. Some of the best features of the are the following:

  • Create Awesomely:
    • Product videos
    • Instagram stories
    • Marketing videos
    • YouTube videos
    • Explainer videos
    • Whiteboard videos
    • Logo Reveals
    • Animated videos
    • Video mockups
    • Scroll stopper Social Ads
    • E-commerce videos

And much, much more.

  • Unlimited render videos
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Hundreds of Ready Templates
  • Multi-language support
  • Copyright-free images, videos, and mp3 music
  • A commercial license so you can sell to clients
  • Save time and money
  • No Restrictions
  • You can also upload your media.
  • Cloud-based app

These are some of the best features of the platform. You can use these and other features to grow your audience, increase organic traffic, brand awareness, etc. 

You can get for just a $49 one-time payment. For further details, check


Doodly is perhaps the most-known animated video maker in my today’s list of animated video software. Doodly is specially designed for whiteboard videos. So, you can create a different types of whiteboards with it. Some of the features of Doodly are the following:

Doodly- Animated Video Maker
  • Simple Whiteboard animation software
  • Create awesome doodles within minutes
  • 3 Doodles available: White, black, and Glass
  • Create professional and realistic whiteboard videos
  • You can use Doodle for:
    • Social media
    • Sales
    • Explainer video
    • YouTubers
    • Training and teaching
    • Facebook advertising
    • Inspiring and fun videos

And much, much more. The limit is your imagination and creativity.

  • You can also make green screen animations
  • Different hand types
  • You can do voiceover directly within Doodly and sync with your sketches with a button click.
  • You can install Doodly on as many computers as your want. No limitations.
  • Free software update

There are two packages of Doodly: Standard and Enterprise. You can save up to 49% for an annual billing plan. The standard plan costs $20 per month (Yearly plan) while Enterprise costs $40. There is also 30 days money-back guarantee.


Doratoon is the new animated video maker software in the world of animated video maker software. As it is new, there has to be something special that convince users to use Doratoon instead of other animated video makers. Doratoon completely understands this and exactly giving more value to users.

Doratoon- Animated Video Maker

You can either make animated explainer videos on the cloud platform and can also download video presentation software to make an awesome presentation with your video. Some of the best features of the Doratoon are the following:

  • Free and VIP plans are available
  • Create stunning and beautiful animated videos within minutes
  • Easy to use platform
  • Thousands of customizable templates
  • Royalty-free music and other stuff
  • Create:
    • Personal achievement presentation
    • Company event video
    • Baby memory album
    • Travel diaries
    • Marriage proposal
    • Mini-courses
    • Marketing and promotional videos

And much, much more.

  • Animated characters
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dubbing
  • Smart subtitling
  • Convert PPT to videos
  • Video Presentation Software
  • 30-Days Free VIP Trial

For further details, check Doratoon.


Wideo is the last animated video maker software on today’s list. You can create stunning animated videos and presentations with Wideo. It is an alternative to Powtoon and Animoto. Some of the features of the Wideo are the following:

  • Wideo is the best for:
    • Marketing Professionals
    • Startups
    • Businesses
    • Content Creators

And so on.

  • Create animated videos and presentations online
  • Upload your own assets or use the copyright-free material within the platform
  • Choose a suitable template and create awesome videos within 5 minutes
  • Intro and Outro animation effects
  • Custom animation
  • Precise frame accuracy
  • Scene transitions
  • Vertical and Square videos
  • Make videos from scratch if you don’t find a good enough template
  • Save favourite scenes
  • Huge library of Graphics
  • Customize branded colors
  • 100+ fonts library
  • Music library

And much, much more. You can create any video you can imagine.

As far pricing is concerned, there is an offer on Appsumo. So, if you buy directly from Wideo’s website, then the basic plan’s annual bill will be $228 per year compared to app sumo, where you can get the same plan for $59 and that also for a lifetime. I would definitely go with wideo appsumo’s deal as it saves hundreds of dollars.

If you want to buy the Wideo Appsumo deal, then you can do so by clicking on the following button. It’s an affiliate link which means that if you get an awesome deal, I will also get some commission. So, it’s a win-win for both of us.


I have mentioned and discussed the five best animated video maker software that can be helpful in making animated videos within minutes. However, there are many others as well. 

If I give you my honest opinion, I believe that Create Studio and Wideo are the best options on the list. They have everything but don’t compromise on anything. So, whether you want to make sales videos, marketing or product videos, logo intros and outros, etc., you can go with either of these animated video maker software. I promise you will not regret it. 

If you are a businessman, freelancer, or digital marketer, then you will definitely need apps that will make your life easy. Right? Check out the best, most popular, and must-have mobile apps.

Related Questions:

What is the best free animated video maker?

Powtoon allows you to create free animated videos. However, one of the disadvantages is there will be Powtoon branding on the video which means you can use it only for practice and not commercially.

What are the 5 types of animation?

The 5 types of animations are:

  • Stop Motion
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Traditional Animation
  • Whiteboard

How can I make my own animated video?

With the latest animated video maker software, creating animated videos is very much easy. You can create your own animated video within few minutes. 

First, select a powerful and best animated video maker that offers multiple features. You can consider Create Studio or Wideo from the above list. Then make a script of how it goes. Use your own media assets, or you can also use copyright-free assets if offered by the platform. 

Add animated characters, text, music, and check the timeline if everything is fine. Once you satisfy download it.

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